I bought this nail polish a few months ago and i’ve never really used it mainly because i thought it had a ‘Grandma’ look when i applied the second coat. So, this time i applied 3 coats and it looks really nice and has a natural soft pinky colour. I love it 🙂




Lord Mayor’s Friendship Ceremony

Today I attended an event I was invited to by Queensland University of Technology, where the Lord Mayor of Brisbane and his colleagues payed a special thanks to the international students for our contribution to Brisbane city and labour force. It was quite a nice ceremony with speeches, food and drinks, live music and a performance by a group of Indigenous Australians. I got a certificate of friendship and had an opportunity to network with some of the leaders in the work force.
Here are some pictures 🙂














Gold Coast

Hey guys 🙂 This weekend I was on the Gold Coast with my uni friends. We went away for the weekend to relax before our hectic first semester of our bachelor degree starts. We are all going our separate ways regarding our degree choices but hopefully it won’t impact our friendship 🙂

Tomorrow it’s orientation week – I’ll let you know how that goes!

Here are some pics from the weekend 🙂

Stradbroke Island

On Sunday I went to North Stradbroke Island, it was such a lovely day and we were pretty lucky with the weather. It was sunny but the wind was very cold hence me being dressed black from head to toe 🙂 Stradbroke Island is an island 30 km east of Queensland’s capital city Brisbane and it’s the world’s second largest sand island. Majority of Stradbroke Island is used for sand mining. In order to get there we had to catch the ferry where we could bring the 4 wheel drive, which was convenient as we drove on the beach and through the forest.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

View to Brisbane