Hey guys, ever since I started UNI again my life has become so busy. Honestly, i spend most of my time in the library and my social life, once again, is at its minimum. :/ law is hard and its hard to get to know all of the terms, and simply keep up. However, i’m up for the challenge and am determent to keep on going! 🙂 its week 3 already which means there are only 10 weeks to go – and time sure flies by!

I’m going to work till 9pm tonight and come back at 7am tomorrow morning to finish my tutorial work!

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂





2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Hi.
    I took some time off to deepen my meditations and only today have returned to my photoaware blog. In doing so I remembered your blog so thought I’d follow up and see how you’re doing. No entries since Aug. 8th, though. Do hope your making time for something other than the library. Study is important, but so is having a bit of fun while you’re young.


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